“Aylan’s an incredible yoga teacher! She’s extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the practice. She’s very creative with her flows and builds up her classes very well. She helped me effortlessly get into the side crow for the first time! When she’s doing her own practice she literally floats which is very inspiring. She’s encouraging and helpful when it comes to teaching us how to develop our classes by not only explaining how to structure a class but also how to communicate with students.

Aylan is also a fabulous kundalini teacher!!! With the kriyas she does during kundalini practice, you really feel the energy flow! She has a positive and beautiful vibe and I would definitely recommend her classes! Besides being a wonderful yogi she’s also a reiki master and I would definitely recommend experiencing a session with her.”

—Sonakshi, India (200hr Yoga Teacher Training)


“I completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali in March 2019. Aylan was one of the teachers on the course. She is a truly amazing and inspirational Yoga Instructor and mentor. I have never had a Yoga teacher where I would cry during the lesson, she had the ability to connect in emotionally with me as she was teaching. On the course, I learned so much more than I was expecting, including non violent communication and business planning. I learned skills that I will use for life and Yoga techniques that will help me emotionally and spiritually. 

I also had a Reiki session with Aylan. The experience was incredible. The energy work was quite intense and this reflected where I was at the time in my own life and following my intuition and listening to the path of my heart. I am beyond grateful to Aylan for the time she spent teaching us as a class and for the time she gave me one on one. She has such a beautiful heart and an amazing gift for connecting in with other people's energy. I highly recommend Aylan’s yoga classes and retreats and will 110% be back again to do more.”

—Tricia, Ireland (200hr Yoga Teacher Training)


“Aylan was my teacher at the Atman Yoga School in Bali. She is such a pure soul! She is a truly thoughtful teacher, both in instructing yoga classes (vinyasa, restorative, kundalini) and in teaching the communication and business aspects of yoga. She is loving and supportive both on and off the mat! Any interaction you have with Aylan will feel like you have the full attention of her heart and mind.

Aylan is a certified shamanic reiki healer and I was lucky to have a reiki session with her. During my session, I immediately felt aware of the energy moving through my body and clearing at the top of my head. Right before the end of the session, I even had a visualization of my chakras bursting with white light and aligned from root to crown. As soon as the day after, I felt my heart more open and noticed I could see others more fully (in particular, seeing their inner light emanating from their eyes). 

I highly recommend Aylan as a YTT teacher, reiki healer, and as an instructor for any sort of yoga class!“

—Colleen, USA (200hr Yoga Teacher Training)


“I attended a 200hr teacher training course in Bali with no expectations or previous experience but an openness for new experiences and anything new to come into my life as I was having a particularly rough time in my current situation. Aylan was ideal for me as I related to her immediately and felt an openness and familiarity with her given her strong structural background and similar western upbringing. She understood where I was coming from so it made my experience very authentic, believable and transformative.

In addition to her yoga background and instructions, I had a Reiki healing session with Aylan and words cannot express the intense experience I experienced. While I'm not 100% certain what actually happened, I can only say it was the most powerful spiritual experience I've ever had! I felt I was "on a trip" and the days following the session people could immediately see a shift in me. Aylan definitely has the power and I would recommend anyone to do Reiki from her!”

—Sonata, Lithuania/London (200hr Yoga Teacher Training)


“A huge thank you to Aylan and Marcus for this amazing week! This experience has allowed me to grow and shine. The most amazing yoga retreat I have ever done! Aylan is a passionate yoga teacher ensuring the development of each and every participant and Marcus compliments her perfectly with his knowledge and zen attitude.

I can only highly recommend to anyone looking for a yoga retreat to consider this one. A big thank you to the girls; we shared strong moments together and I thank you for your carefulness and love throughout this week, undoubtedly one which will follow me throughout my life.”

—Aurélia, Switzerland (Bali Yoga Retreat)


“The most amazing week spent with the most amazing people! Aylan and Marcus taught me so much about my practice and my self. They were incredibly giving and supportive - from group sessions, to one-on-one instruction and the time spent exploring Bali. They were invested in the growth of each individual during their stay.

This retreat was an experience I will never forget, and the lessons I learned are ones I will carry with me every day.”

—Caroline, USA (Bali Yoga Retreat)


“Thank you Aylan and Marcus for the most incredible & inspirational week of my life. Your energy, knowledge and life experiences made this retreat one I will never forget. I am so very grateful for the wonderful week I spent with new life-long friends, too! You have inspired me to carry on my lessons. I will be forever grateful. Everything is love.”

—Angela, Australia (Bali Yoga Retreat)


“Thank you so much Aylan and Marcus for this short yet fruitful journey. It is definitely a great memorable experience I ever had and so much an enlightenment for me. I am so grateful that I learnt so much from each of you and carry them with me into my practice everyday!”

—Lu, Hong Kong (Bali Yoga Retreat)